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Oh My God. I dont want to be here. Isnt this time so terible, everything only gets worse as time passes. I'd have loved to be one of those 1950's Elvis girlies with curly hair and all that, or a hippie driving through america with like minded people in a silly van. Or a young punk prowling the streets of london in 1977...BUT NOT THIS! I'm so selfish...but oh my god, i just dont se no reason to live!!!!!!!! OH MAN what is the point?? WHAT??? WHAT??? Oh my god i want to die....I don't know the definition of fun..cause for me fun pften means trouble, but i dont know any higher level of contentment....i want to be alternative, i couldnt take anything else, once you get a taste of that, you never go back anyway. BUT HOW?? Oh my god, it's all so....so cold and complicated!! I HATE THIS TIME! Oh my god, im happy and hyper all the time but when i get the chance to really think about what this damn place is like and how many people have to suffer everyday i cry and i cry, not cause im a feeling, non-ignorant person, but cause i simply feel im suffering too......do you know that when you feel really really bad and u feel like yeah: "I hate my life" buit u feel really guilty for thinking that cause ur in a priviledged position? well id love to give it all up....i wish i could live so simply and just go back to the roots kinda, and forget this education, job and everything, but when you drop out of the system youre doomed, it wont let you, but i want to, oh my god, i want to drop out of here.......
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