Ramona Of Babylona (anarcheese) wrote in drop_outs_unite,
Ramona Of Babylona

Living In The Sky. A pretentious poem by moi.

I won't live here in accumulating rage,
I won't sit still, wont keep my eyes on the page.

I won't wait and try for the strongest hit,
Cause what chemicals got to offer ain't nothing but shit.

I won't live in a world where the ridiculous rule,
I won't work up to your values which are petty and cruel.

We've got cars and planes and buildings so tall,
but to fill our own emptiness we've got fuck all.

I won't listen to rules from authority,
Who are in control, but no brighter than me.

Make rules, break rules, hurt me at your pleasure,
'Cause my baby and I are going to heavan.

We fly away from your world made of hate,
We fly away from this broken state,

We look back once, but continue to fly,
To our underground in the sky.

Up in this place, youre born to win,
forever indulging in consequenceless sin.

We had always tried to bring heavan to earth,
How we felt the next morning had shown us it's worth.

But the sufferings over,
we're going to a place where everyones free no matter what age or race.

Every day is what you want it to be,
an acid trip, or a trip to the sea.

We don't need no education, no worthless rat race,
and we won't end up spending life in a maze

You can continue your life and find out you where wrong,
earth is a place, where we didnt belong.

If we see you down there, we'll give you a wink,
and maybe come down and have a drink,

But we'll never come back, and this is why

You can't live on once you've lived in the sky.
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