Dr Mindbender 82 (dr_mindbender82) wrote in drop_outs_unite,
Dr Mindbender 82

Dropped out but still kicking.

I been kicked outa school to school, fired from multiple jobs, worked as a bar tender, bottle shop, labourer, bouncer and so on. Anyway, I got into Uni through a loop hole I fonud in the system. We gotta keep a live journal for something to do with English. Anyway I managed to cheat my way through semster one and get really good marks, so I posted the following poem for all the frat rich boy and rich daddies girls to rub the bastard in. I thought all you other drop outs might get a kick outta it.


Everyone has their moment of hypocrisy and here's mine.

I got top marks, in my first year
So here's to all the teachers who said I'd have no career.
When I was beating kids up for their lunch money
When I thought making 'fart' noises was funny
When I keapt dropping out of high school; one after another
To the usless lump of role model that was my step father!

To all the kids who finished school with good grades
To all the trendy geeks and trendy babes
Here's one for the underclass
So to all the afroe mentioned, stick that up your arse.

Yeah I'm the mean looking guy with steel cap boots
When everyone else wears their trendy suits
With fadded death metal shirts and ripped jeans
The big guy who sits in the front so no one-else sees.

I may not be able to read or write
But I conned the system, and did it right.
I got the marks and the sucsess
So I must be bloody good, if not the best.

I got the marks, I got the marks, I got the marks, I got the marks, I got the marks. Nyah, nyah, nyah, nyah, nayaaah, nyaaaahhh!*

*This is me doing my silly little victory dance. You can't see me doing it, but I'm doing it nonetheless.
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I feel as though I must be an anomaly amongst dropouts. I actually liked the learning aspect of school, was very intelligent, and was generally very well-behaved. I dressed... usually pretty normal (I occasionally wore foreign clothing that looks a little unusual in the States). I didn't drop out to support my family or because I had a broken home or because I was pregnant or anything, and most of my teachers kept urging me to stay in school because I had "a lot of potential".
I just dropped out because I'm mentally ill and couldn't handle school anymore. =/
I can relate to what you're saying because arround 1998 I had a pretty insane drug phycosis, and spent time in an asylum. But it was like no big deal.

Yeah, people totally drop out for diffrent reasons.

I dropped out cos of

Violent step dad
Chronically ill mother
Juvanile Delinent issues
Violent behavoral disorders.
Dyslexia/learning difficultese
Short term drug abuse
No money/poverty
And oher messed up issues.

But the really messed up thing was I keapt trying to go back. I went to like eight diffrent high schools in seven years + Technical collage.

I keapt trying, fucking up, droping out, taking a few weeks/ months to find a new school then trying again.

You think that might be a little too messed up?